Ahh. The lovely Mother's Day weekend is in the books now. Back to the grind.

It was actually a very nice weekend. Relaxing, stress-free and fun. We cruised the mall on Saturday and ignored our messy apartment. Sunday, I got coffee and homemade scones in bed - from the kidlet. She also did the laundry and dishes and made a conscious effort to be nice to her old mom. No yelling at me to get off the internet every 20 minutes - which I very much appreciated.

I took my own dear mother out to eat. It was nice too, surprisingly. My brother is still in Indiana, so it was just the girls. She enjoyed herself, and the food - especially the dessert - was very good.


As you may recall, the kidlet has recently developed an interest in studying everything she can get her hands on - about Jesus. (Much to my worry). I bought her the coolest thing. It is a video, of the Broadway version of "Jesus Christ, Superstar" which was done in 2000. It is AWESOME! I had the album when I was in highschool, and I was surprised that I remembered as much of the music as I did. They moderned up the costumes and hair - and the apostles are HOT HOT HOT! Spikey hair, wife-beater shirts, tattoos...

Anyway, the kidlet really liked it. She couldn't stop talking about it all weekend. This morning, on the way to school, she said that she totally "got" the Jesus thing, and that he was a very righteous guy. Christianity, she said, seemed to be exactly opposite of what Jesus was about, in her opinion.

I like that my kid is a thinker.


I was watching one of the hawks this weekend. He has found the perfect perch, at the top of a telephone pole down the street. If I sit on my balcony, I can watch him with binoculars as he surveys the ground below, waiting for dinner that might be scurrying past. He's a very regal looking bird. He just sits on the top of that pole for hours and hours. Every once in a while, a crow will start to dive-bomb him, but he hardly even notices. It would bug me to death having a crow fly that close to my head. He seems unfazed by the whole thing. I suppose he realizes he could so kick that crow's ass.


My show! What has happened to my show???!! Why are they ruining my show??? Maybe this is all a dream, and bad writers and poor quality control hasn't taken over Queer As Folk! Did CowLip learn NOTHING from "Sisters" and "Leap Years"? Listen - Cowen and Lipman - Making a good show into something stupid and unwatchable is NOT WHAT THEY HIRED YOU TO DO!!! Assholes!

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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