Two good things today.

First, I had a doctor's appointment. I had to go in and let her take my blood pressure before she would refill my Beta Blocker. I have such a phobia about having my blood pressure taken - when I fell down three months ago, I was pretty sure I broke a bone in my foot. I wouldn't go to the doctor to have it checked, because they always take my bloodpressure, and I didn't want to go through that. Now, my foot is not painful (after 2 months) but it does have a big bump on the bone that runs down the top of the foot, from the toe next to the little toe.

Even though I worked myself up to a pretty good panic, my pressure was fine. Not good, but fine. Actually, it was great for me! Woo Hoo!

And, I gave my doctor every chance to tell me I was fat and should eat less and exercise more. I even said at one point, "I really need to stop eating so much". She's all "Eating is one of life's great pleasures". Hello?

So, all in all it was a very successful visit. I got my meds refilled without any problems.

Second good thing - my ex-husband called. He wants to give me a check for the child support - ALL OF IT - for the next three years!!!! One Check!!!

That is such a good idea. He's such a crazy person, and his future earnings are so uncertain (brilliant musician or not). I doubt if he'll ever work again at a regular job. More than likely, he'll go nuts, or somebody he's insulted will shoot him. I'm not kidding.

I did some figuring when he got laid off from Boeing. If he completely fell apart, and could come up with no child support at all, I would still be okay. Not good. Not living happily, but able to maintain - if everything stayed the same in my life. So, the child support is just gravy. It allows his daughter to be like the other kids and have the things the other kids have. With child support, she can wear clothes from, say, Sears instead of K-Mart. She can have CD's and go to Macdonalds, and not have to worry if her mom needs to buy her a "scientific" calculator. Child support is good.

I told the ex-husband that I would be happy to get a huge check from him and let it be done financially between us. Of course, I can't predict what will happen in the future. All I do know, is I can't rely on him to be there to help out financially in the future. I believe the best deal I'm going to get is this one. I'm taking it. I only hope he lives until June 1st when he said he'd cut me the check.

What a big feeling of relief to know I will have some cash in the bank in case something happens. I can make it last. Oh, yes. I can stretch a buck until it hollers! Go me!!

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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