Can you guess what I have in my wallet? Can ya? Can ya? I didn't THINK so!

I have a check for - get this - $10,500!!!!

The ex-husband came by this morning to give me that check. He wanted to get it out of his hands. He wanted to give his daughter what he was going to owe her (well, it was actually a bit less than he would have paid had he not become unemployed - but, still do-able). Now, I only hope and pray that his van holds up until I can get that check into the bank on Tuesday. (See, I can stress about anything...) His new bride wanted him to take that money and buy a new vehicle with it. And, frankly, he does need a new van. I almost feel sorry for him, until I slap myself and think for a fucking minute! He's the one who has decided never to work at a straight job again in order to chase his dream of being a full-time professional musician. He's the one who chose to give his kid the financial support he was obligated to give her now, instead of screwing her out of it later. I'm the one who is driving a fucking GEO METRO! - that could break down and I have no money for a car payment either. Whew! I feel better now. I was starting to get all co-dependent on him again.

It's good to have this money. I just need to make it last for the next 3 years. And, it is a very good feeling to know that I have $10,500 in my savings account in case something should happen to us. Very good indeed.

Gee. He made a much better ex-husband than he did a husband. Who'd a thunk it?

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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