Fear not. Big Band music is alive and well in the South Bay area of Southern California.....

Stuffing a 12 piece band, resplendent with not 4, but 5 saxaphones, was no mean feat. I still have a little tinitus, but the kid got her report done. She got a business card, a menu and the receipt for $30 as proof of her attendance. Hey. If we'd gone to a bad performance of the local "symphony", I'd have forked out at least that much dough, and we wouldn't have had dinner. Speaking of which - geez - they kept bringing plates and plates piled high with the wildest stuff. None of which seemed vaguely Chinese! There was shredded sweet potato on everything! One of the chicken dishes had 4 bean sprouts - with the little green leafy sprouts still on 'em - placed ever so artfully on top. Paleezzzz!


The official word is out. Queer As Folk has been renewed for two more seasons. To the tune of 1.5 million bucks an episode. I certainly hope Showtime has a reserve in their bank account, because I and a few other people I know, are cancelling our subscription until March. There's not reason to fork over all that cash for 8 bloody months, when the only program I watch on Showtime is QAF. As a matter of fact, I figured out that if we back the cable waaaay off this summer, and bank the money we would have spent - the cable bill for the winter season will be nearly pre-paid! Plus, if I'm not sitting in one spot on the sofa every night, maybe some work around the house can get done, and my ASS can begin to resemble it's former self....

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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