Much better today. Maybe a virus got me. Went to bed at 10 p.m. and fell into what felt like a coma. At 11:30, I remember coming to - from very far away, I heard the kidlet's voice. Something about "papers". I remember asking "what?" and heard it again. I opened my eyes, and she was standing right over me. I asked what she wanted, and she said "Never mind". turned on her heel and went back to her bedroom.

This morning, she said she vaguely remembered that. Sleepwalkers are really ooogy...

I could use more sleep. I'll try for another early night tonight too. I already feel much less like I'm going to begin to weep at any moment.


I'm getting some work done today. And, listening to a CD my boss loaned me The Stokes, "This Is It". The Strokes Just ROCK! I may have to go out and buy it for myself.


My Kidlet the Social Activist:

Yesterday, two boys in her science class were calling a third boy a fag. My daughter interrupted them and told them to stop using that word as it was offensive to her. They did stop, and they stared at her kinda funny (I guess they never considered it to be a bad thing to denigrate another human by calling him names - Parents??? Hello?! The kid in question thanked my kidlet - right before the two boys started smacking him.... If it had been legal for her to do so - I would have given her permission to bitch-slap both of them.

At Least I'm Not A Fuckwit!

trying out a new tagline...

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