I love planning a trip to England and Ireland.

I love wearing socks to bed.

I love that my cat, Malcolm-X, thinks he has his own bedroom.

I love Jack-Russell Terriers.

I love lying on the sofa, reading a light hearted novel on a Saturday afternoon.

I love the dimples on Gale Harold's lower back.

I love Vanilla Coke.

I love that the air in my neighborhood feels like it's been filtered.

I love the process of becoming comfortable in my new, mature-woman skin. (Though, I do have to say, I don't entirely love it. I used to be the one who turned the heads. I used to be able to rely on my fuckability to get what I wanted. Now, I have to use my quick wit and ability to bullshit - At times those are sadly lacking...)

I love that there are still adventures to be had.

At Least I'm Not A Fuckwit!

I dunno. I may have to go back to quoting Brian Kinney...

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