When I sit on my balcony, I never know what I will see.

Tonight, at about sundown, I was sitting in my usual spot, binoculars in hand, watching for any cool bird activity. I happened to look down at the little ravine that runs next to the building, and I saw what at first, I believed to be an old woman. Then, I thought it was an old man, who was possibly walking a dog, because he/she kept talking. No dog ever showed up, and after I looked through my binoculars, I noted the following:

Old man. Wearing thong-type shoes. Fuscia stretch pants. Boxer shorts OVER fuscia stretch pants. Leather-type jacket. Hmmmmmmm. He wandered through the ravine and picked up a couple of soda bottles, which he stashed in his jacket pockets. After a time, he ambled on down the street. I wonder how far he got...


I overslept this morning. I forgot to set the alarm. When I awoke, I noticed it was kind of light out. I stretched, and thought how lovely it was to sleep in on a Saturday morning....... Aaaaaahhh! It was nearly 8 a.m. - when we're supposed to be in the car, hurtling towards the day.

After nearly 20 years as a professional secretary, I figured out something today. If I throw out stuff that's 4 years old, I can free up file drawers for the newer stuff! What a revelation!!!! I was shredding the past like a mutha this afternoon. I have places to file things now. I feel like a new woman....


This guy, Jim called me tonight. He calls from time to time, just to shoot the breeze. His AA birthday is tomorrow and he invited me to come to a meeting I used to attend, to see him get his cake. While I would love to be there, and support my buddy, I can't go. I just cannot be at that particular meeting, because that horrible ex-boyfriend might show up there. The idea of seeing him, gives me a full-fledged anxiety attack. Just being in the same room with that guy makes me want to run, screaming into the streets. Nope. I'll pass. I think I'll crack open the camera case and take photos of trees instead.

At Least I'm Not A Fuckwit!

not sure I like this tagline yet...

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