Okay, some weird shit is going on at my company. The Vice President of Sales is packing up his office. I heard from a very good source that he is being transferred back to Tokyo. That's not a good sign, because he wants to stay here. He's been here for over 20 years...

Nobody wants to tell me what's going on. The Director of Sales asked all us secretarial types to bring him 5 copies of all current contracts with our customers. He also wants a list of all contact names, addresses and phone numbers. Hmmmmmm...

Oh, and HR/EAP is holding a one-hour seminar for the Managers, on how to "Manage Employees Through Change and Stress". Yikes!

Doesn't Sound Too Good

Plus, my boss didn't know anything. He talked to HIS boss for a looooong time, and then came back to me on the phone and told me that his boss said nothing was going on. Yeah. Right!

My boss didn't call me back for the rest of the day. He usually calls about 5 times. He must feel like shit for lying to me - either that, or he's out looking for a new gig!


A friend called today with strange news. Apparently, her sister told her that her sister's step-son was involved in a car jacking (he being the jacker), and in the course of the incident, shot and killed the driver of the car! The step-mom wasn't going to turn the kid in to the police either. My friend couldn't live with herself, knowing what she knew - so she called the police. What a day!


Being a mom isn't all glamour, you know. I have to send the kidlet to summer school. She's waaay pissed off about it. I have to remember that being a good parent, sometimes includes pissing off the child. She is getting a "D" in Algebra. I have a philosophy that any idiot can get a "C" in any class, if they show up, pay a little bit of attention, and do their homework. She does everything but pay attention - so her test scores are bad, and she doesn't like to go to the teacher and ask for help. What are ya gonna do? Summer School!!! The really sad part is, I know - she's never, ever going to have to use Algebra for the rest of her life...


I'd get back to work, but I'm too emotionally traumatized.

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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