Okay, so last night, I did what I always do when I'm fretting. I sat down and thought about the "worst case scenerio". Worst case being whatever is going on at my company - involves me being sent packing...

I would be moderately bummed, because I would have to crack into our huge savings account, to suplement unemployment until I got a new job. New job isn't really a problem. I have skills, I have charm, and I've got personality coming out of my ass. (gee, I hope that's personality...)

See, if we had to use that money, our trip to England/Ireland might be in serious jeopardy down the road.

Then, I got to really thinkin'. If they were to get rid of me, they'd have to give me my 401K money. Since I had to give my ex-husband half of mine in the divorce, I only have about $7K in there. Not hardly enough to live on when I'm old - I figure I could use some of that for the trip - AND, instead of waiting 3 years, we could go this summer. Me being unemployed - I'd have the time. I could be dead in 3 years. Better do it...

I'm kind of bummed now. They might not get rid of me....

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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