I have always held the snobbish opinion that scrapbooking is for hacks. Hacks, and women who have nothing better to do than cut up pieces of paper into cutsie shapes, and punch tiny little hearts and triangles, and glue them all over pages with bad photographs on them.

Don't these women know about world hunger? Politics? Children who need mentoring?

Plus, I rather fancy myself an artiste. I wouldn't ruin a perfectly good photograph by cropping it with adorably wavy edging scissors!

Guess what? We never made it to the pier today, because I spent a couple of hours at Michaels. Michaels of the 20% off all scrapbooking stuff. Michaels of the 4 sheets of scrapbooking paper for a dollar. Michaels that has 40 of my dollars now, and I have a scrapbook, sheets of colorful paper, sticker borders, colored paper hearts, two adorably wavy edging scissors and special adhesive.

You know the bad photos you take, and shove in a box because you don't want anybody to see them? You can crop them with adorably wavy edging scissors. You can adhere them to colorful paper, and accessorize the paper with stickers and little letters.

Scrapbooking. Me. It's official now. I'll never get laid again...

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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