And you think it couldn't get any worse?????? Tonight, after work, I have to to over to my mother's house - to cut her toenails!!!


I can't figure out why everybody is up in arms over the pledge of allegiance. What happened was very common. Somebody with a bone to pick, found a like-minded judge. The judge made a ruling. There will be an appeal, and the ruling will be over-turned. Big Whoop.

Personally, I agree with the ruling as it stands, but I couldn't care less if they change the stupid pledge or not. It's for little kids. It's meaningless. Do they even use it anymore - except at sporting events?

I haven't receited the pledge of allegiance in over 20 years. I stand silently, and pretend to be Canadian. It's not that I'm opposed to being "under God", (though, you have to admit - if the US of A was truly "under God", God would be doing some serious ass kicking and name taking). I simply refuse to promise to be true to a country that has pulled as much shit as this one has pulled. I have some principles after all!

With the current crop of overly religious running everything nowadays, I wouldn't be surprised to see this thing reversed by Monday next... Oh, and speaking of the overly religious (as I love to do) - what's the deal with saying your prayers before eating? I don't mean saying a sincere prayer of thanksgiving to ones creator. I'm down with that. What I'm talking about, is sitting down in a group of other people, and making a big deal out of bowing ones head, and having a silent conversation with God, whilst holding up earthly conversation and the meal... In my opinion, these theatrics are simply an attempt at impressing their fellow diners with how very religious they are. Anyone can pray, at any time. Silently and anonymously (like it instructs them to do in the freakin' Bible).

Don't fret public pray-ers. You'll get your pledge back, good as new. Hell, they might find a judge who will insert "under God, and his only begotten son, Jesus Christ" into it as well... Won't that be worth waiting for?

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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