The other day, I was in the ladies loo with a woman who works in customer service doing I don't know what. Well, we were peeing together, and talking across the divider wall, and all of a sudden, she says "I was in West Hollywood this weekend for that Gay Pride Parade". Well, I was all excited, and I told her I was there too, and that I had great pictures and who I saw and everything. We chatted for a bit, and I left the loo and didn't pay any more attention to it after that.

Well. Today, the lady comes in to my little office (she's never come in here before in her life). She is admiring some of my photos - which I have stuck on the walls - and she asks if she can see some of the pictures from the parade. I told her I took them home to put in my scrapbook - and I mentioned my scrapbook pages have rainbows on them, and will have condoms pasted to them as well as other "goodies" I brought home from the parade. I showed her the Queer As Folk stuff I have around the office (Brian magnet set, and 2003 full-color calendar, etc.)

She got about 1" from my face, and took both cheeks in her hands, and whispered "You're cute anyway!" and walked out of my office!

I guess she wanted to assure me that she's down with me being a big 'ole lesbian!!!!!

I'm not going to bother to correct her...

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

June 28, 2002

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