Happy Independence Day!

We attended a barbeque at a friends house this afternoon. I was set upon by one of her neighbors. A man from Iran, who has MS. He seemed to need to talk, and I had nothing better to do, so I let him. After about an hour-long monologue, my head was pounding. I wanted to tear my hair out and run screaming down the street. You know, it's sad he has a debilitating illness, but that's just no excuse for being an energy sucking bore...

After the barbeque, we decided to see a movie. The only one playing within a decent time period was Men In Black II. We saw it. Nothing to write home about. I loved the first one, and I enjoyed the idea that Elvis wasn't dead. He had simply gone back home. This one had waaay too many cute aliens, and Laura Flynn Boyle with some huge boobies! Isn't she normally flat as a boy? Wait for the video.

While I was waiting for my kidlet and my buddy Scott to come back from wherever they had gone, I started talking to a 70ish year old man who was seated near me. He told me he was blind in his left eye. His date was a 25 year old Filipino woman who wore short shorts and had her bare legs resting across his thighs. He picked his nose intermittently throughout the film...

After we dropped Scott back at his house, the kidlet and I stopped at KFC to grab some dinner. As we were getting ready to get back in the Geo, one of our old, old neighbors (from when we were a family living in a house like normal folks do) came driving into the KFC parking lot. She called "hello" to us, and I waived and said "hi!". She parked and her daughter came over to say hello to my daugher. The two girls were close when they were really little. The mom used to leave her daughter with all the neighbors so she could go out with men. She also used to have her daughter "drop by" at the dinner hour, so we could feed her. Anyway, we talked with the daughter in the parking lot for a few minutes. I knew the mother was sitting in her car, waiting for her boyfriend to bring out their chicken. I just pretended I didn't know she was there...


Today, some guy shot up a bunch of people at LAX. The newscasters went nuts! It was just what they were waiting for. Mayhem! Bloodshed! Terrorism coming to your DOOR!!

Nope. Just a typical day in Los Angeles... This is the biiiiiig city. Folks get blown away all the time. No reason to get excited. Nothing to see here, people...

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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