I hate Googlers. I'm a total hit whore, and I resent it when I check my stats, only to find that Cynthia Myers got more play than I did! Who knew she would still be popular 30 years later????


Today, the kidlet and I went bumming around our town. We ended up at an antique store, and sure enough, there were little "forget-me-not" cups, just the way Rachel Ashwell described them on "Shabby Chic"! They just looked old and, well, shabby... I don't get that woman. She takes ugly, broken down junk, and turns it into beautiful stuff. I would take the same junk and it would look like junk in my house! Forget it...

While we were antiquing, I spied a few German beer steins. My late father used to collect those, back in the day. I have managed somehow, to put all the horror of my life with that man, behind me. I no longer actively hate him. I even understand how it must have been for him to be trapped with us, in our family, when he would have much rather been out drinking himself to death. (Which, is what he was finally able to do). I've gotten past those things in my head. But, apparently my body is a totally different matter... I could not stop staring at those beer steins. I couldn't stop myself from reaching out and touching them. I even went so far as to pick one up and flip the lid up with my thumb... Oh, my stomach did flip flops! I felt something that I can only describe as terror. And, a sort of sick dread in my stomach... Whew! The body doesn't forget.


Tomorrow, we're going to walk over to our local Coco's for brunch. I should break even calorie to exercise-wise. Pancakes in - walk them off... Hey! Tomorrow is only Saturday! Yeah!!!!!

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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