I am vindicated once more...

The Federal Government just stopped doing testing on Hormone Replacement Therapy. They discovered that taking estrogen/progestin will in fact, increase a woman's chances of contracting breast cancer, or getting a stroke, or a heart attack. No shit, Sherlock!

Back in the day - say, the '60's or early '70's, physicians gave out hysterectomies like they were no big deal. If a woman complained about cramping, or heavy menstrual flow, or even a lack of desire - doctors yanked their parts right away. I say, to shut them up. I've been listening to the advertisements for HRT. You know how they market it? "Oh, I had such terrible hot flashes! Oh, I was so irritable and tired!" See? Shutting a woman up is what HRT is for! No matter that her boobs will rot off. No matter that she gets a heart attack and dies... She's quiet. She's pleasant.

The article I read, said that most women still didn't need to worry about catastrophic problems from HRT. For every 10,000 women taking it, only 8 cases of breast cancer would erupt. 8 out of 10,000. Not very high odds. Tell that to the 8 women who get cancer because they wanted to get rid of night sweats...

Yep. I'm vindicated all right. As I sit here at my desk, hot flashing and fanning myself...

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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