Yes, it's the day of days. We're celebrating at my office with - what else? Twinkies!


I successfully completed my first actually beautiful scrapbook page last night. I mean, I have a bunch of pages done - but, only one that looks like I knew what I was doing. That scrapbook stuff is such an evil rip-off. In order to get one page to look right, I had to use 1 page of 12"x12" vellum (white with tiny little heart-shaped red and pink roses). On top of that, I stuck an 8"x8" square of burgundy (it works, trust me) card stock, which I spent 15 minutes cutting the edges just-so with special scissors. On top of that I stuck a pink, see-thru square of vellum - again with the time consuming edge trimming... Finally, I attached the picture of my kidlet from when she was a baby... Was I done, you ask? Ohhh no! I still had to cut little corner pieces out of the burgundy card stock, which I stuck on the corners of the white with tiny heart shaped rose paper... Took me a couple of hours for the one freakin' page.

But, it looks sooooooooooo pretty!

I have learned that you can't just sit down and do a bunch of scrapbook pages, the way you can do photo album pages. You have to have a whole "theme" in mind, and do just one page at a time.

My floor is full of paper scraps. My fingers still have a little spray adhesive on them - yes, the cats got real high - and, I'm challenged as to what my next page will be... My life sucks.

Happy Birthday, Gale Harold!

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