I slept with the sliding glass door open last night. That's a first. I'm such a paranoid freak, even though we live on an upper floor - way off the street - in an area where there aren't any street lights, and no possible way to get into our apartment unless you are Spider-Man... I usually barracade us in at night, and we swelter all summer long in the heat.

Last night, I had a long talk with myself about the possibility of an axe murderer happening to be on our block, and noticing (as if he could in the dark) our window open, and how it would be really noisy for the other neighbors with him climbing up the side of the building and all... The door stayed open.

However, after last night, I do have to ponder one thing. If a person is driving down a street that is so dark because there are no street lights, and so perfectly quiet one can hear crickets and little birdies chirping to each other - and it's three-o'clock in the morning.... Why would that person gun their car engine, and screech their tires like a drag-racer? Unless they were the biggest asshole on the planet??????????

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian QAF

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