I'm running late this morning because I sort of slept through the alarm. The clock radio is at the top of my head, and it's blasting away - but, I'm sleeping...

I just had to stay up last night and watch the repeat episode of Oz, where Beecher meets Keller for the first time. Damn! that Chris Meloni... What an actor. From the first second he spots Beecher, he's got it goin' on!

I had a real "OzFest" myself last night. I watched the second and third episodes of Season 1, and then the aforementioned Season 2 episode... Saturday nights, it's Season 3. I'm so confused!

Oz is a fun little show. Similar to Hogan's Heroes, but with dicks.


Okay. This, I don't understand.

I didn't weigh myself for a few weeks. I ate like a pig, because I wasn't weighing myself. I gained about 4 pounds. I caught the Slim-Fast commerical, and figured I'd give that a try. All week, I had Slim-Fast for breakfast (instead of my accustomed Danish, which caused the 4 pound increase) and I ate normally the rest of the day. I gained 3 pounds!

Yesterday, I ate oatmeal for breakfast, and we had a luncheon at work for a departing VP - so I partook - sandwiches, potato salad, macaroni salad, potato chips - and cake... Dinner was Marie Callendar box (loads of fat and salt) - I even at an icecream.

I lost a pound and a half!!!!!

I guess today, I should just eat a brick of cheese...

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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