I am on everyone's mailing list now. All I had to do was join up with a couple of liberal activism groups, and wow... I get letters from Bill and Hillary. I've got United Farm Workers return address lablels to stick on my bills when I pay them. Jay Leno's wife is after funds. I get requests for cash, from congressional representatives running for re-election, who are not even from my state!

Today was the best one yet. I got a letter from Miss Rosa Parks, stating that my name had been nominated to be placed on the upcoming "Wall of Tolerance" in Montgomery Alabama... She even sent me a suitable-for-framing certificate, with my name in script, and a gold seal.

All it will cost me is $35!

First, I gotta ask myself - do conservative Republicans get letters from the founders of the "Wall of Dickheads"?

Second of all, just what am I supposed to be "tolerating"? Isn't everyone the same? Who the fuck am I, to be "tolerating" anybody? That's a shout-out to all my angry gay boyfriends from the Showtime Board They taught me one of the most important lessons an ignorant person of the majority persuasion can learn. Everyone is the same as everyone else and should be treated the same, and granted the same rights and privileges as everyone else.

There'll be no "tolerance" here.


I had some car work done today, by the only honest car repair man on the planet. I take my car to him, and I don't even carry KY with me! He saw what he suspected was a leaky CV boot the last time I had an oil change. So, since it was time for the oil again, I told him to do the CV boot, and flush out the cooling system for good measure. I expected to spend upwards of a couple hundred bucks. He called me and said that he really wasn't 100% sure about the CV boot, and he'd check again on my next oil change visit. No mechanic in his right mind, knowing he was dealing with a female, would EVER do a thing like that! Today's oil change and cooling system work only set me back $65. Woo Hoo! Go Parviz Chevron

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian,QAF

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