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Which Piercing are you?

Actually, I got my nose pierced - twice - when I was 40. Just the beginning of my midlife crisis... It was painful, but really cool to have a little silver dot on the side of my nose. The wound never really healed though. After six months, I had an allergic reaction to some oak trees while camping. I sneezed and sneezed, and whilst rubbing my nose, the silver dot came out. By the time I found it - a good 5 minutes later - the hole had completely closed off, due to allergic swelling of nasal passages... Plus, I was high on Benedryl, and in my relaxed state, I decided I was waaaay too cool to have a nose piercing. Now, all I have is a barely perceptible divit.

I've got a pretty cool tattoo though. But that's a different story...

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian,QAF

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