Who woulda thunk it? That a webpage could be viewed entirely differently with Netscape than IE... I'm happily updating, and admiring my handiwork from my home PC - and when I get to work, I find that the page looks really stupid with IE. I think I've fixed it now.

What I should have done - was to start the page completely from scratch, instead of working with the template that had been created by the lady who did the cow. That way, I would know what everything means and why I put it there. In fact, that's probably what I'll end up doing this weekend. This HTML stuff is addictive as hell...


I got some sad news this morning. A woman who works at my company died this weekend. I didn't know her well, but I did know her for a long time - so, it has bummed me out. They haven't told us exactly what happened to her. She had been out for a couple of months, and I just assumed she was on a pregnancy leave of absence. She would have severe morning sickness, and take off most of her pregnancies. I found out last Friday that she was just "out", but was expected to be back to work at the end of August. She died this weekend. Something about "female problems" and a hysterectomy, and her not getting better... I'll have to hear more, but it sounds like malpractice was involved. How do you not get better from "female problems"? How does that kill you?

Poor thing. She was only 34 years old..

We've had a rash of deaths here since I started in 1992.

*Dave in Sales. - cancer

*Mrs. B in Customer Service - heart attack

*Derrick - the driver - beaten and shot to death

*Bob in the factory - massive heart attack

*Rudy in Sales - some kind of sickness

*John in Sales - cancer

*Marilyn - my office mate - complications from aneurysm surgery - brought on by smoking

*Ed in Info Services - stroke

*Some warehouse worker, whose name I don't know - drive by after work on a Saturday

*Now, Irene - "female trouble"

This place is just a deathtrap...

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