Did you know that I Rock.So.Hard!?? I do. I rocked very hard today. My self esteem is greater than it has ever been, and it's all due to my extraordinary rocking ability! Yay Me!


We've got big doin's in my little berg. Billy Bob Thornton is making hisself a movin' pitcher right here in Milkland. Yep. They've had the back end of the mall all dressed up like it's Christmas for a couple of weeks now. They've put up fake mall signs and the stores are all fake signed up. There's trailers and RV's all over the parking lot too.

My office mate, Cathy went to the mall the other day at lunch. She came back carrying on because she'd seen old Billy Bob, in the mall, wearing a Santa suit. Whatever Billy Bob is doing at our mall - it's gonna be called "The Bad Santa" Be watching for it.


Saturday, a couple of friends, my kidlet and I are going to be at Universal Studios, doing a little community service. We volunteered to work at Aids Project Los Angeles' Summer Party. When we signed up, we didn't know what we were getting into. We found out this week that this is a HUGE deal. They called it "star studded" on the radio, when they were giving tickets out as prizes! And, I'm going to be there, in a booth, handing out food from some fabulous restaurant - to MOVIE STARS! God, I hope I don't spill anything on anybody important... Or get dizzy and barf... Or pee my pants if I see somebody amazing, like Gale Harold... Oh yeah. I've already seen him. No big deal, that...

Should be fun!


Irene, the woman at my office who died - had Aplastic Anemia. I read up on it today. It's pretty devistating if it gets a hold of a person.

We're getting a bunch of money together to put into a CD for her kids (three of them). Irene was one of those lunchtime walkers. So, on August 2nd, we're all going for a walk, at lunch, in her honor. All of us are kicking in some cash in order to walk, and the cash will be put into a CD or something and given to her kids. I think that's pretty cool. Irene would like that.

Well, I gotta go ruminate on how excellently I ROCK!

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian QAF

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