Billy Bob has left the building... er, mall.

His people are still there, trailers and whatnot, but most of the RV's are gone and they're not filming in the main part of the mall any longer.

Yesterday, they had the small food court all dressed up, and had some fake fast food places going on, with extras ordering up food. There was a sign that said if you walked into the scene, you would perhaps end up in the film, but you wouldn't be paid or anything.

Yep. That's my showbiz career. A day late, and a dollar short!

I campaigned for Jane Harman when she was running for Governor of California. I was asked to be in a crowd scene in a television spot, about how she helped clean up a toxic neighborhood in our town. (Actually, it was MY neighborhood, when I was a little child.) We worked so hard on our facial expressions, and our fake talking to each other - we were such a proud organization of pretend-concerned citizens... The entire group ended up on the cutting room floor!


Update as well on B. Dalton:

They had Melissa Etheridge's autobiography on the wall! A step into the current century, perhaps???

My kidlet loves to go into B. Dalton, and walk up to whatever old lady is working the cash register and ask her - loudly - "Do you have the new Queer As Folk calendar?" - just to see the look on her face! I swear, she's done it about 5 times now...

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