I've figured it out - about the whole walking deal. I seem to get uninspired when I think of walking the route my kidlet walks. It's about a half mile of unbroken sidewalk. How boring! Plus, I get really aware of just how long and boring the walk is because there's nothing to grab my attention.

Last night, at about 9 p.m., I decided I needed to go on a walk. I really, really needed it. But, it was 9 p.m. and dark and we don't really have many street lights in my neighboorhood. So, I made a little route, down one street to the corner with the liquor store, back up the other side, down another street towards the big street, then back up to our building. Not a very long walk, but a good one for me. See, if I know I can get back to my apartment in a short while, from any place on my walk, I'm happy to be out there, and will do the entire route two or three times. But, if I find myself suddenly two miles from home and I still gotta get back, I get a little cranky. So, now I have two adorable routes I can take on my walks. Daylight route is through the park and past the empty field - and at night, I can do the two streets route. I feel inspired. Plus, it felt just great with those endorphins swimming in my synaptic gap afterwards.


Well, it's off to the APLA Summer Party! I really hope we see some famous movie stars today. I know that's not what we signed up for, but it would be cool anyway.


Oh yeah... During Friday's episode of General Hospital, Sonny and Carly were doing some serious making out... When they stood up and pulled apart - "Sonny" had a boner!!!!! How often do you get to see that on network TV??? Woo Hoo!

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