Geez. Everything hurts. I slept until 11:30 this morning, and when I got up, I could barely walk. Oh, it's hell to get old.

The Aids Project Los Angeles Summer Party has been going on for 18 years. APLA was formed to assist those people in the Los Angeles area who are affected by HIV/AIDS. When we signed up for this shindig, we had no idea just how big it would be. The entire backlot area of Universal Studios was filled with restaurants handing out free food (I sampled some, including amazingly tasty watermelon gazpacho with feta cheese and cilantro), there were 3 dance floors, sponsored by major area radio stations, a casino, a silent auction (included were a pair of leather pants, signed by Ricki Martin). A comedy show. Corporate sponsorship was everywhere - American Express, Captain Morgan Rum, United Airlines.

There were 600 volunteers - quite frankly, too many, as most of the night, we were just wandering aimlessly - and over 4,000 paying guests. Regular price for the great unwashed was $65. VIP price was $250. They hoped to collect nearly half a million dollars last night...

It was a beautiful thing to witness. Both spiritually and eye-candy-wise. Of those 4,000 guests, about 3,500 were men. Beutiful men. Beautiful, well dressed men. Beautiful, well dressed, physically fit men - well, you get the picture. I was completely happy to wander about, surrounded by such beauty. At one point, I became convinced that we females have been given the cast-offs and the rejects. The truly fabulous males have all chosen each other!

My motley crew of volunteers worked our asses off lifting things, moving tables, schlepping paper plates - I got to dish ice cream at Ben and Jerry's - we picked up trash. It was hot. I lost a pound and a half!

As for my new-found appreciation for the shirtless line dancing gay man - let me first confess a little something. I have seen naked men on the television kissing each other, stroking each other and having make believe sex with each other. This troubles me not a whit. In fact, it's kinda cool to watch... I have, however, in my secret self, been troubled with the idea of watching two men country dancing. Not disco dancing, just country dancing. I detest country music, maybe that was a part of it - but, none-the-less, it disturbed me. This made me wonder. Am I harboring private homophobic thoughts like - "Okay buddy, I'll let you ass-fuck him in front of me, but I draw the line at the Texas Twostep"???? I decided last night, that since I'm in an emotional growth spurt, I would grit my teeth, and make myself observe the country dancing... When I got to the dance area, there was a guy giving line dance lessons. Thirty or so men, wearing cowboy hats and boots were following his instructions without any music. So far, so good. After they had rehearsed the steps a few times, he turned on the music and they began to dance. I watched them. Some were better than others, but they all were pretty good. Actually, I noticed right away that they were better line dancers than any I had seen before. Straight, white people look funny line dancing. They don't move their hips... Well, these guys sure moved theirs! One dancer in particular caught my attention. He wasn't very tall. He was lean, wearing blue jeans, a white wife-beater and a very large, black cowboy hat. This guy was really, really good. He never missed a step. He was smooth. Plus he had some extra moves - a tip of the hat here, and the most sensual butt wiggle there. I paid real close attention to that dancer!

There was a line dancing contest later in the evening, during which, the contestants removed their shirts... Yowza! Six-packs everywhere! My guy came in 2nd place. (Personally, I think he was robbed).

After the contest, there was free-dancing on the floor. My dancer and his boyfriend began to dance together. I was prepared to be disturbed. I was prepared not to like what I was about to see... I ended up watching those two guys dancing together for about an hour - totally amazed. They fit together so perfectly. They looked like they had been dancing together for years. Like they were one person - one body. Geez. Fred and Ginger, who???

At any rate, I'm about to go purchase my very first country CD. I simply have to get the song they played right after the shirtless line dance - "You Can Leave Your Hat On"... Yeah, baby!

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