There's a r@pe artist running loose in our little town. He's been abducting women, in broad daylight, kidnapping them and a@ssaulting them! He's done it four times since July 4th.

Of course, this isn't funny at all, but, it is amusing in a way. See, our town doesn't "do" crime. The local paper will never, ever print anything about local crime. We had a multiple murder, just right up the street - and there was nothing in the paper about it at all... Ahhh yes. Small towns.


Billy Bob Thornton is still here though. His crew is still filming their asses off at the mall - Plus they're also filming down the street from my house! The craft services trucks and the tents and the RV's are all over the place. It's probably another branch of Billy Bob's movie. Or not! Don't TV shows start filming in August??? Lots of them film here in my "crime-free" town. Hmmmm. I'll have to check it out and get back to ya!

July 31, 2002

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