For Cripes Sakes! It wasn't even Billy Bob! He's still at the mall.

There is a film coming out in Summer 2003 called "Hidalgo". That's what they were filming with the whole car thing.

And, it was an actress behind the wheel of the SUV, not Billy Bob. I found that out after I watched them with my binoculars.

Who knew there would be two motion pictures being filmed in my little town.


I'm happy the police were able to find those kidnapped teenage girls. Why all of a sudden is there such a surge in crimes against females? I suppose all the nutcases are coming out of the woodwork. Too bad they can't round them all up before more harm gets done. I'm glad they killed that SOB who took the girls. I wish more bad guys would end up shot.

Tomorrow at lunch, Cathy, Scott and I are going r@pe artist hunting. We're going to bring a digital camera, and cruise around our little town, looking for vehicles that are similar to the description of those used in his crimes. Plus, we're gonna eat fast foods in the car and pretend we're detectives! Cathy's got air conditioning. It's gonna be cool in more ways than one...


My former husband used my toilet yesterday. My kidlet told me when she got home from them hanging out together. He used it - you know what I mean????

We probably should move.

I can't put into words the way it makes me feel, to have sat my nekkid behind down on the same seat as my ex-husband's nekkid behind. I feel so dirty!

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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