I walked an easy mile tonight! The operative word being easy... Except for a little tightness in my right calf, it was a breeze! That means, I'm ready for a little more than a mile. Yippee!!!

Of course, with the r@pe artist on the loose, I had to take the kidlet with me. She had her headphones on, and every time I said anything, she just ignored me... Well, she couldn't hear me, but it felt like I was being ignored.


We had a quiet day today. After last night, we were too tired to do much. First, some asshole's car alarm went off at 1 in the morning. Our neighborhood is really quiet at night. This alarm sounded like it was in bed with me! Of course, the owner was the only one in the building who didn't hear it blaring. Neighbors were knocking on his door, trying to wake him. I just don't get the purpose of an alarm, if the owner doesn't know to check on the fucking car...!!!

Then, at about 2 I had a nightmare of some sort, and I woke up hearing this little noise with my left ear. I couldn't tell if it was some neighbor's television, or if my eardrum was about to burst. It freaked me out. I finally stuck my finger in my ear, and the noise stopped. I figure if it was me, it would have kept going.

We just lazed around the apartment today. I cooked. Turkey meatloaf, home made scalloped potatoes and fresh green beans. The kidlet baked a cake. We were a couple of Betty Crockers. Everything was going just fine until I decided to have a cup of coffee this afternoon. I suddenly realized it was Sunday, not Saturday. I have to go to freakin' work tomorrow. Waaaaaaaa!


The City cleaned out my garden plot - the one I let go for about 7 months, and the last time I checked on it, I couldn't see the wheelbarrow I'd left there because the weeds were about six feet high... When we passed the garden on our walk, there was a bright yellow sign on the fence. "The City of ____ removed a hive of bees from an overturned wheelbarrow on 8/1. The bees were disposed of. They appear to be Mediterranean bees" Fuck! What if Killer Bees had taken up residence in MY wheelbarrow!!!!

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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