Errgh. My computer has some kind of palsy. It keeps freezing at odd times and performing illegal operations and generally fucking up my time. It's probably all the porno the kidlet is downloading whilst I'm at work...

I'm doing a little emergency laundry tonight. I decided to participate in the memorial walk they're holding tomorrow for the woman at my work who died (do you know, she never told her husband how sick she really was? He didn't even know!). I had no clean socks or walking clothes. Somebody came into the laundry room after I had loaded my stuff in the washer, and opened the washer door and closed it again. When you do that, you have to reset the washer or it just stops. Yep. It sat for half an hour doing nothing. Now, it's nearly 10:30 and I'm just going to be getting stuff out of the dryer. Fun times...

Other than those two irritants, the day has been good. It was payday and that is always nice - I walked - I feel proud of that little accomplishment - PLUS, somebody asked me if I had lost weight! I haven't, but if it looks like it - so much the better.

Gotta get the clothes. Then, it's off to bed while taping/watching Oz.

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