Entry hall: Two boxes of laundry detergent. Two shoe boxes. Butter knife. One large pile of dirty laundry which must be stepped over.

Front Room:Ironing board with clothes hangers and clothes on top.

Sofa - pile of blankets

Coffee table: Make up bag. Books. Scrapbooking stuff.

floor of front room: 5 pairs of shoes strewn hither and yon. Photo albums. Photos.

Dining area

Dining table: Stereo, with red blouse tossed casually over it. Assorted lingerie items. Bag of Yukon Gold potatoes. Dress and 3 blouses hung on backs of chairs. Two shopping bags of items to be returned for refund or exchange. Additional scrapbooking stuff.

Kitchen: Large, green plastic trashbag. Filled to the brim...

Bathroom: Not bad, except for cat litter box sorely in need of freshinging.

I mention these things, because yesterday, when I was at work - my former husband came by to pick up his child for the day. He brought his obsessively cleanly bride into my home for the very first time - and that is what she saw...

Oh yeah. I'm living the dream alright...

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