"Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya - Tomorrow! We're goin' to San Diegoooooo!"

That's right. The kidlet and I are piling into the Geo, and heading down the 405 to the place of my birth - San Diego, CA.

First, we're going to make a pit stop in Costa Mesa to a place where they sell discounted tickets to lots of attractions - the S.D. Zoo for one. Jeezus that place has gotten expensive! But, I'll be saving $12, and $12 is more than a meal for two at MacDonalds.

I'm very happy to be on my mini-vacation. I've already been to Starbucks for a celebratory Caffe Mocha. Laundry is in, and the apartment is quiet. The kidlet is with her dad and his bride tonight. They're taking her to see "The Lion King". Ahhhh. "Me Time" Time to concentrate on my personal life - and release all thoughts of my (very busy) work life. Take the focus off the fact that my boss from Detroit will be in the office all day tomorrow without me - He'll be sitting at my desk, and touching my things. Gawd, I hope I hid everything that could get me in trouble! Aaack! Whoa. Stop it old gal! Think "museums" Think "ghosties" Think "lions and tigers and bears"... That's it. Much better.

So, this is it. I'll be thinking of you as I explore every nook and cranny of Balboa Park tomorrow, and dodge gorilla shit being flung at me on Friday... Well, actually, I won't be thinking of you - but you can think of me!


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