So - now for the haunted house story. Woooooooooooooo.....

We decided quite spur of the moment (another travelling first for moi) to visit the world famous Whaley House in Old San Diego. Apparently, I'm the only person on the planet who has not been there. We found it with the help of a park ranger - and got a perfect parking spot across the street.

The house itself is old - clapboard and brick. Unassuming...

We picked up tickets for the "tour" next door at the gift shop and went inside.

Not scary at all for a haunted house. Just really stinky. Musty. Small rooms with lots of old Victorian furniture and knicknacks. Lots of noisy people too. Very hard to get a good ghostly feeling with all the yammering and stomping up and down stairs.

First thing that happened to me, was in the theater (they had a little theater upstairs for some reason). I was just standing in the middle of the room and I felt a cool sensation on my skin. Not quite a breeze, but like one. Not too cold, but definitely cooooool. I mentioned it, and one stupid woman said "It's probably an open window!" There weren't any open windows...

We wandered around, up and down stairs looking at stuff, until finally, I found myself alone, looking at the parlor from a doorway/alcove area. I was hoping that because it was quiet, maybe something might happen in the parlor. Maybe a book would sail across the room, or an apparition might float by. All of a sudden, the cold sensation came back. Sort of blowing on me, but not really. I could feel it on my skin, and through my jeans! It was awesome! At the same time, the husband of the stupid woman from the theater came barrelling down the stairs and I told him to come into the alcove to feel the cold. He stood there, and I went into the hallway. He said he didn't feel cold. But from where I was standing, the cold was surrounding me! I called for my kidlet and made her stand in the alcove. She said she didn't feel anything and all of a sudden she said - "Oh, it's cold in here!" and looked behind the door for some sort of air conditioning vent. There was NO air conditioner in that old house! I found out later, after doing research, that Violet Whaley makes her presence known by blasting visitors with cool air... Poor Violet. She was shot to death whilst relaxing in the privy.

We took a lot of photos at the Whaley House. Unfortunately, the imbicile who works at the 1 hour photo in Albertsons, couldn't figure out how to get the film out of our disposable cameras and totally fucked up about four negatives!!! Aargh!

However, we DID manage to capture a little something in one of the bedrooms... Check out the ghostie on the left side!

I can't WAIT to go back and hang out for a longer time. Apparently, much ghostly activity is going on at the Whaley House.... BOO!

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