My company is effing stupid. They spend money all wrong around here. You know, times are hard so we don't wanna give the employees any bonuses or raises - but if there's Golf involved - We're so there!

They've established a policy for the sales force. The company no longer pays for payphone calls (they only paid for ONE call before). They will, however, pay up to $75 per month, per sales person for cellphones. How stupid is that????? Plus, if anyone has a boss like mine, who gets on the cell the second his plane lands and calls the assistant (me) whilst waiting for baggage - you know. You can only hear about every other word he says - if you both talk at the same time - nobody hears nuttin' - and you end up shouting into the receiver like some deaf grandma! Stupid effing company!


Other than that little gripe, I've got nothing to talk about today. Basically the world is my oyster.

I've started taking some new suppliments (Coenzyme Q10 and Flax oil) so I can stave off death and disease. So far, so good. Three days and I'm still alive...

Oh yeah. I do have one other bitch... Why is it on television shows, they continuously portray recovering alcoholics as falling off the wagon the second anything traumatic happens in their lives????????? The latest victim of stupid writers is poor Skye Chandler on General Hospital. So, her multi-millionaire boyfriend dumped her because she conspired to ruin him financially... So what? Why do these lushes always run for the nearest barstool and drink away everything that matters to them? Couldn't writers come up with a drunkard hero who manages to trudge through life's ups and downs without taking a cocktail for once? Sheesh! I'm really dreading to see what Skye's alcoholic half-brother A.J. does when he finds out his new bride is working as a stripper to pay off his debts! I just can't see that ending well...

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