Not quite sure how to break the kidlet of her newest quirk...

She says things that sound bad. She either doesn't think them through before opening her mouth, or she thinks the stuff she says is entertaining. This must stop. Soon...

For instance, last week, she was having lunch with her father, her stepmother, and her grandfather. They were discussing - I don't know what, but the kidlet's contribution was to say that "we got evicted from our last apartment because the owner was racist". 1. We did NOT get evicted from our last residence. The owner wanted us to move from the apartment that should have been designated as the Manager's apartment - so the manager could live there, and she offered us another apartment in the building, but it was too expensive (this, because she hated me for being my mother's daughter and she hated my mother, but, still - NOT EVICTED!)2. The owner may or may not have been racist. Race had nothing to do with our misfortune. I have no clue where she got that idea.

Further, we were visiting my mother one afternoon, as were my brother and his two teenaged darlings. My kidlet got a drink of water from the sink and stated in a loud voice "Wow. Water! Our sink is broken" Um. Noooo. No broken sink in our apartment. The bathroom sink's water pressure is low on the cold water side, but it works!

And, today - she was standing on the outside of our apartment, afixing a Paganism sticker to her bedroom window (Jed Clampett's family does not live here, but it looks like it!) when she called to me. "I spotted two gay people today, mom! They were so gay, you could smell it!" Why??? Why oh Lord????? I told her not to holler stuff like that, and she countered with "I'm just saying - they were really gay!" So, I get all agitated over her identifying folks as if she's on some sort of a birdwatching expedition. She explained that she was simply sharing her joy, because she now feels she has legitimate "gaydar". A talent she has long admired in others. Now, I'm not sure what to think of that - but I did tell her that people within earshot of her, do not hear what she is thinking, or what she means when she blabs this stuff. They only hear what she says.

Now, of course, I'm on her shitlist. She's not going to do anything nice for me, until I "admit" that I'm mean.

I told her to blow it out her ass...

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