If the world ended suddenly, I would like to be watching Monty Python...

Remember day before yesterday, when it was cold and windy and cloudy? Well, guess what? California just got Summer! It's effing 300 degrees outside! Not a breeze. Sticky. Nasty September summer weather. This will go on through October. Gaaah!

The kidlet and I went to the mall for some last minute BTS shopping. She also had a gift certificate at Old Navy which was burning a hole in her pocket. She cashed it in for some pants and a black (verrrry artistic looking) turtleneck sweater. I found a fleece zipper-down-the-front sweatshirt with a hood, which will have me looking absolutely ghetto fabulous this coming winter...

The world is a cesspool. There are famine, disease, corruption, murder, rape, abuse of children, oppression, environmental poison and war. However, I read some news articles yesterday stating that many world leaders are opposed to Dubya attacking Iraq, and that many here at home are calling his Iraq policy "in disarray" This gives me hope...

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