Boy, oh boy. I nearly did it today. Of course, five seconds after the kidlet left with her dad, I jumped into the Geo and hurtled over to the pet store. They have pet adoption every Saturday from 12-4. I had no business being at the pet store. None. My pets have everything they need in this life. I was on emotional auto pilot.

And of course, there he was... Perfect little doggie. Half Chihuahua and half Manchester Terrier. Six months old. Dark brown body with a light brown muzzle. Big pointy ears and bright eyes. I could tell this was a smart, sincere dog. His name was Buddy and his owner was an elderly gentleman whose health is too frail to continue to care for Buddy. I let Buddy chew on my fingers for a while. I got up and left.

Oh, it was so hard! Somehow, my cooler head prevailed. What would I do with a six month old dog? I'd be tied to coming home at lunch every day. He'd chew our shoes. He'd cry and be lonely while we were at school and work. The cats would NEVER speak to me again...

I went shopping. Target, Cookin' Stuff, Mulberry Cottage, Ralphs and then, I swung back by the pet store, but I was too late (Thank Goddess!). All the adoptees had gone away for the weekend. Buddy was a great dog. I'm sure somebody snatched him up right away. I'm very glad it wasn't me...


Oh, and for the couple of readers who unfavorited me today (most likely due to my unflattering remarks about our Commander and Chief???) HE STILL SUCKS!

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