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Last Sunday of summer vacation. Buttload of laundry to do. The kidlet is demanding I chauffer her around town so she can experience everything one last time. For Cry-eye. She's not shipping overseas, she's just going to freaking school! Pancakes to be made. Good times. Good times.


Oh, but it was a pleasant weekend in one respect. Friday night, I watched the season 3 episode of "Oz" I had taped the night before. Afterwards, I switched on "Law and Order SVU" - so I got a double feature of the incredible Chris Meloni... Last night, I got to watch a season 4 episode of "Oz" with Mr. Meloni again! He.Be.Beautiful...

What I want to know is, how nearly half the cast of L&O SVU got to work on Oz, and half of Oz went on to work on The Wire? Same agents? Same casting director? Seems all my favorite shows feature the same actors! It's like old home week every time I turn on the telly!

Oh yeah. Pancakes. Gotta Go.

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