Hey! See what I added to this page???? Look up! There...

I added a link where, if you are so inclined, you can donate to my walking, er, more like waddling and meandering, for AIDS Project Los Angeles - AIDS Walk on October 20th!

If you donate, I'll send ya a really nice thank you letter - and your good karma will simply skyrocket!


I managed to avoid all possible network television sponsored commemorations of 9/11 yesterday. First off, I felt quite unwell. Probably West Nile Virus. Headache, sweaty, neck pain, body aches. It's gone now. Came this close to keeling over though.

Instead, I watched a marvelous program about farm houses on HGTV, and then, I popped over to BBC America, and was captivated by a re-broadcast of a concert held last year in honor of the tragedy. Oh, they performed Beethoven's "Ode To Joy", which in my humble opinion, is the most orgasmic piece of music ever written! When I hear it, my toes curl. I weep. I get really small, and let the music go all around me... When that particular piece was performed for the very first time, Beethoven conducted it - and he was stone-deaf! He couldn't hear a note, or the riotous applause of the audience... Amazing!

I'm off to forage for food that contains little or no sodium. I'm tired of puffy ankles, dammit!

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