I'm going to need professional help soon. (or I will seriously need to rent a man-slave for the day). I've given in to another hobby. One that takes a LOT of time, and is tedious. Oh, and I forgot - costs money... I'm making a quilt.

I have no idea how to make a quilt. Until Friday afternoon, I had no idea that "quilting" isn't putting together small patches of fabric in a pleasing design. No. Quilting is the act of stitching clever little patterns onto the "quilt-top". Do I sew, you ask??? Um, NO! Own a sewing machine? Of course not! Own a needle? Thread? Somewhere - in the junk drawer... Oh yeah. This will be rich!

Of course, I didn't wait for the urge to pass. I sped over to Joanne's, and spent nearly $100 on fabric and do-dads. Now, they're all over my living room, just like my scrapbooking stuff and my crochet stuff. Thank Goddess I stuck the needlepoint project I purchased last month up in the linen closet... Why? Oh, why do I do these things????

And afterwards, I lost my car in the parking lot of the mall... I wandered around, trying not to cry for nearly 15 minutes, before recognizing a "For Sale" sign in the window of a truck parked near the Geo. I kept trying to look like I had just come from the store, so nobody would think I was lost.

Helluva day. Gotta go lust after Chris Meloni on "Oz" now...

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