Grrrrr... I think my cat, Malcolm-X is sick. He's been barfing all weekend. I know, it's fur-ball season (when is it not fur-ball season?), so I figured after a day or so, he'd work whatever he had blocking him up - prolly on my pillow... But nothing.

I started giving him that Petro-malt stuff, and I got him some cat grass, with no results.

Last night, I hand-fed him some turkey lunchmeat and he kept that down. Then, I gave him some of his regular food, but I sprinkled water on it, to make gravy (I was worried he would get dehydrated because he seems to be barfing water too). That stayed in. However, this morning, I fed him some watered down food, and he threw it right up again! And, at the same time, Goldie, our other cat threw her breakfast up too! I was just sitting down to my only cup of coffee, when there were simultaneous retching sounds from both ends of the living room... Waaaaaa!

So, I'm worried that it's not even a fur-ball. I'm worried about things like accidental ingestion of ant poison (we've been inundated with the little bastards lately), or cancer, or who knows...

I'm taking off work an hour early to pick up the cat and haul him to the vets. That is, if he doesn't look much worse when I go home at lunch to check on him.

You know this is karmic payback for me having spent $100 on freakin' quilting materials, don't you???

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