I dunno. I'm feeling weird lately. Nothing wrong, but nothing comes to mind to write about either. That's okay, right?

I got new spectacles. Cool, expensive, designer spectacles. Bifocals - my first pair. Gawd, I'm old. It is nice for a change, to leave the glasses on when I read. I just have to remember to look out of the bottoms. They're black, horn-rimmed spectacles, just like Tina Fey wore on the Emmy's - and just like JK Rowling wears! The kidlet says they make me look like a "stern mother" and a writer. Hmmm. I look at myself in them, and it seems I have my mom's glasses on. Or I'm wearing scuba gear...

One of my co-workers needs to move next month, and I made the mistake of telling her how wonderful my apartment and neigborhood is. She wants to look at the vacant apartment in our building. I'm not sure if I want her, or anyone I know from work to live near me. I'd have to wear makeup all the time. I'd have to keep my apartment relatively clean, just in case she drops over to borrow a cup of sugar. I can just see me and the kidlet, hiding out in our darkened living room - shushing each other - as our new neighbor knocks at the door.

Maybe I'll just lie and tell her the place has been rented already...

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