I've simply got to get my butt outa bed in the morning, and sit at the comptuer (bypassing the "Queer As Folk" message board) and write in this diary. It seems to be the best way to keep up my writing chops. If I don't maintain that discipline, the things that happen to me don't get reported. I don't get to practice writing, and I feel all emotionally stopped-up...


Last night, the kidlet and I decided to get real meaty. So we went out for prime rib. Unfortunately, sitting well within hearing range, was this 70-odd year old man, with a big, puffy red face. He was dining with some guy who was fresh off the boat from Iran. Well, the old fart was waxing on about September 11th, and our middle east policies, etc. as only somebody with a World War II mentality can. I swear, if they hadn't left when they did, I would have asked to be seated elsewere. I can't digest slabs of beef and listen to crap at the same time.


It's gonna rain! Well, maybe it's gonna rain. Those weather people don't get good at predicting weather until about mid season. You know, when anybody can tell what the weather will be like.

But rain - yeah! We haven't had any for, gosh - nearly a year I think! California is a semi-arid desert - but come-on! We need some water!!!!!!!


Tomorrow night, I'm going to be reading Tarot cards at a birthday party for my former boss. I haven't practiced nearly enough, and will really be winging my "predictions". $50 is $50 though. The way I'm overspending these days, I can sure use the cash.


Oh, my co-worker may be moving into my apartment building after all. She more or less keeps to herself, so it could work out. (maybe she'll think the place is too small...)

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