Just because I have "writers glasses" doesn't mean I can think up anything to write.

The owl is back!!!!! I waited all summer for the owl to return to my tree, and he's back! I heard him Sunday night at about 10:30. He was hooting away. Actually, he was hooting at what turned out to be a Night Heron. I know this because I investigated the sick, "hoooonnk" sound the other bird made. Unfortunately for the Heron, I think the owl ate it.

I also suspect the owl had been back on the preceeding Saturday night. When the kidlet and I returned from the party, there was a horrible skunk-stench in our apartment. Owls luurve to eat skunk - as well as Heron.

Lucky for me, and the owl, that I practically live in the country.


Yesterday, the kidlet asked me to buy her a new book. It's called "So You Want To Be A Lesbian"....

Well, I bought it.

I also found out that if, as a parent, you say to your child that you "don't care" whether or not they are gay - that's a bad choice of words. Better to say that you do care - but are not particularly bothered by their sexual identity. At least that's what the kidlet told me. See, if you "don't care" it doesn't open the doors for any discussion. We discussed a little. She says she hasn't decided what to call herself, since she finds herself attracted to both sexes equally now. I suggested she not try and force the issue either way right now, but just to relax into herself. She'd be able to figure things out in due time.

She said she would just consider herself bi-sexual for now, and that it was rather a moot point anyway, because she had 3 years until she was 18 and could have sex - to find out for sure what was up. Woo Hoo! No sex of any kind for threeeeeee years!!!! My kidlet ROCKS!

One funny thing was buying the book. I put it on the counter and the cashier took a look at it, and me, and got this huge grin on her face! She was all chipper like she wanted us to know she was down with me/her/us being gay and all...


As a PSA: Did you know that the B.Dalton at my mall, requires the showing of ID in order to look at the sex books?????? In AMERICA?????!!! Yes. In accordance with their "family values" stance - which disallows any homosexual themed reading material - they also want to be sure everyone is over 18 who looks at how-to manuals. Because, we wouldn't want anyone to grow up and get married without first being completely ignorant of sex, love-making, how bodies work, pleasing one's new spouse. God forbid...


Oh yeah. Buffy! Spike!!!! Sad, tortured Spike!!! Wept like a baby, I did!

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