First off. My boy, Gale Harold, acted his ass off in the film "Wake". He sure enough did.

The film was reeeeeally an Indy. Ambitious. Great music. Talented cast. Interesting and compelling story. Gale Harold portrayed a sympathetic character - quite unlike he does as Brian Kinney. He played the character with great sensitivity. He was endearing. And, after a strange turn of events - he was completely scary. In a pink, ruffled bathrobe - he was scary! (and not because of the pink, ruffled bathrobe, either...)

Blake Gibbons, who plays Coleman on General Hospital was in the film too, and he was also very good. He was in the audience, and stopped right next to us, to talk to his friends who were sitting behind us. Wheee! Martin Landau was there too. Sitting very near us as well. His face sort of resembles a raisin, - all shriveled up.

Okay. The best part is yet to come - I'm in the ladies loo, and who should come in?????? Juliette Landau!!!!! Druscilla from Buffy the Vampire Slayer!!! Oh. My. Gawd!!! She had to pee. She's really, really pretty, and very thin. Frail, almost. Nervous looking. Of course, having my kidlet practically jump into her arms didn't do a thing to soothe her, but she was really nice to the kidlet, and asked her name, and said, "I'm Juliette", and gave us a real big smile as we were leaving (can you say "relief"?)

I'm not sure anyone will ever see this film again. Some of the dialogue was really awkward, and the story sort of started and ended in the middle somewhere. I did like it though. It was compelling and suspenseful. Gale Harold rocked. He's bound to get a lot of play over his acting in this film, if anyone important was in the audience.

Woo Hoo! I pee'd with Druscilla!!!!!!!!

October 05, 2002

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