So, yesterday, in order to clear my head from the nightmare that is our government - the kidlet and I visited the South Coast Botanic Gardens. I always go there for special occasions. For some reason, the place has been a part of my life since I was a kid. My fourth grade class helped plant the thing. I walked and walked those paths attempting to make sense of my very first broken heart. I got married there. Oh, and I had some brazen sex there too. Right out in the open, on the grass by the picnic area - in the middle of the day! Go me!

The place is lousy with birds. So I packed up my binoculars, a bottle of water and the CD player. Wandering practically alone in that garden, looking in trees and bushes for little birdies, all the while, listening to Coldplay - totally relaxed me. I'm signing up for a family membership to the gardens, because the way things are turning out globally, I'm going to really need a place to go.

Let's see. Which birds did I spy?

Ravens Gigantic, Alfred Hitchcock kinda birds.

Crows Smaller. Not so scary. We have a lot of crows in our neighborhood because of the community garden. I only mention them here, because they are so much smaller than the Ravens. Ravens are like nuclear Crows!


Mockingbirds - not very exciting, but plentiful.

Lawrence's Goldfinch - two females on the back path.

Allen's Hummingbird - males and females. One brave little male, came within a foot of me, whilst dipping his beak into a purple flower.

Black-chinned Hummingbird Male and female. Unusual for this area, but there they were.

I also stalked about 20 little greyish-black birds in the bush. I couldn't get a good look at them, because they were a lot faster than me. I will report back on them later. I'm thinking they were Cow Birds but I'm not sure yet.

Last night, we went grocery shopping, and brought back some Dreyers "Gingerbread Man" ice cream. It's gingerbread-y, with brown sugar and chunks of gingerbread cookie in it. Not as good as "Festivus", but no waiting.

Today, I'm making chicken soup, from scratch - using my own chicken stock. The secret is the thyme... Then, it's off to the mall for some - *gasp* Christmas shopping!!!

I think if I hadn't taken a couple of hours yesterday, to get centered - I would be too depressed to go anywhere today. Gotta remember that...

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