I found my receipt!!! I found my receipt!!! I can exchange Yoga videos and Rodney Yee will help me to develop my spine like a piece of spaghetti, and my thighs to be limber enough to crack a man in twain... Mmmmmmm. Been a while since a man's been in danger of that now, hasn't it?

Oh yeah. This means I can also get my freakin' $3.00 back for the headphones they overcharged me for. I'll be rollin' in dough!

I think I'll go out to dinner and celebrate...


This morning, I stopped at the 7/11 to get one of those oatmeal-in-a-cup things. I eat one every day for my cholesterol's sake.

As I entered the store, I noticed my gal pal, Rhonda's Saturn sitting in the parking lot. I looked around the store for Rhonda, but she was nowhere to be found... As I was paying for the oatmeal, I noticed a man - a stranger - getting into Rhonda's car! I walked over to it, and motioned for the man to open the window. "Hey. I know the woman who owns this car!" I stated accusingly... He nodded, and I noticed a "Saturn" logo on his grey shirt. He was a service guy from the Saturn place down the street. He wasn't stealing my gal pal's car at all. He was "test driving" it over to the 7/11, and grabbing breakfast at the same time. He smiled, "Yep. 30,000 mile check up". I answered "Well, it's a good thing you work for Saturn, because I was going to have to get in there and kick your ass!"

And then I left. Quickly.

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