So tomorrow, at noon, I'm showing up at the local pet adoption place - to adopt a one-eyed kitten. Come on! It's only got one eye! How special is that????

Today, because my former husband continues to be self-centered, I didn't get my day under the comforter, reading a book. Nope. My former husband decided, at the last minute, to switch days and see the kidlet on Sunday instead. I mean, I coulda been planning to get laid or something... Yeah. Right.

The kidlet and I decided, after we lazed around the messy apartment for most of the day, to head out, over to the pet store and look at the doggies. Of course, I'm too afraid to get a dog, so it was a pointless, frustrating exercise. We looked at the cats - which I had no interest in whatsoever, considering I already have two. Then I saw her. Little grey tabby cat. She's apparently about 12 weeks old, but looks much younger, and she has that eye thing going on. I just fell right in love with her. She's very affectionate, and has a quiet temperment. Not all playful like some of the other kittens we saw. Her depth perception is off. Like she couldn't tell if I was close or far away. But she really loved being petted, and gave me kisses. That's all it took.

The pet adoption people were locking up for the night, so we had to leave her. I'm going back tomorrow to bring her home. I'm a little worried about how Malcolm will do with another cat. I'll have to keep an eye on things until he gets over being pissed off. Goldie, on the other hand, will more than likely welcome a new friend. She's very affectionate, and Mal isn't so nice to her. We'll see...

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