"Seven days..... Seven days....." Woooooooooooo! Went to see "The Ring" on this rainy Saturday night. Yep. We're having a sleep together in the front room evening. Nice, scary little flick. I loved it. Loved all the jumping and the suspense and the very nice special effects. The kidlet, mostly had her hands covering her face, shivering and whispering prayers to whatever deity she's into right now. I do appreciate a good scare.

Speaking of which, the kidlet scared the crap out of me last night. I swear, I've given birth to my ex-husband sometimes. They're both really "creepy" sleepers. Prone to sleep talking and sleep walking. She's slept with her eyes open since she was a newborn. He was prone to sleep-eating, if you can believe it. I've lost several jars of jam, and a couple of containers of sour cream to his completely asleep refrigerator raids. Anyway, since the kidlet has been suffering with insommnia of late, we've been trying new techniques to see what will help. Herbs. Back rubs. Teas. $50 "sound machines". Last night, we tried switching sleeping places. I took over her single bed, and gave her my womb-like sofa. About an hour after we hit the sheets, just as I was falling asleep - I watched "Taxi Driver" which by the way, isn't the best pre-sleep film ever - I was shot out of bed by her hollering "MOM"!!! I ran into the front room to see what might be on fire, or bleeding - She sat up, looked right at me and said "can I watch the two episodes of .... Huh??" as we both realized she was asleep. Grrrrrrrrr. Just like her old man... Well, at least she was able to sleep. I think we can forget about her sleeping tonight though. "Seven days... Seven days..."

November 09, 2002

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