Just when I was deciding to be of good cheer, and celebrate the upcoming weekend, with all my plans and whatnot - the stupid ex-husband has to rain on it...

He calls me and asks if he can switch days from Saturday to Sunday with the kidlet, because he has some stupid gig at the John Anson Ford Theater. Like I give a flying shit about that!

I want my Saturday of solitude and baking! I want it to be about MY plans! I don't want to have to cater to his stupid music career, 6 years after we're not even married anymore! Gaaaah!

*Taking deep breath*. See. This is a huge reason we're NOT married anymore. His stuff always came first. Before any plans I might have. Before his time with the family. Before me.

Just because we're divorced and no longer under the same roof and in each other's faces - that's no reason to believe he's any different now. He'll always be a selfish prick. I'm well rid of the whole situation. I can bake on Sunday just as well.


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Marriage is love.

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