Yippity do dah! It's FRIDAY!!! This week lasted forever, and now it's done...

When we got home last evening, I looked around the apartment and figured if I didn't clean up, the health department might just swoop down. There was crap piled all over the place and the trash needed emptying and the dishes needed washing.

So, I cleaned.

Now the place is tidy. It's Friday. My Christmas shopping is done. An episode of Oz that I haven't seen yet, is on tonight. The kidlet is going to spend tomorrow with her dad, which leaves me an entire day of solitude - without having to run her all over town and keep her entertained - I'm going to bake Christmas cookies and watch The Godfather on DVD... Life is full of blessings!


I should be more tired than I am. My downstairs neighbors decided to have a dinner party last night. Starting at 11 p.m....... Whatthe????? They were happily laughing and talking - nothing to complain about, really - except their laughter and talking came directly upstairs and into MY LIVING ROOM, where I was attempting to fall asleep on my pile of rags. Finally, I let their voices and laughter lull me to sleep. Young, happy nightowls having a good time. BAH! HUMBUG!

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